Online Personal Training

Online Personal Training

Epitome of Personal Training

Our online personal training gives you the flexibility to exercise in the comfort of your home or gym and anywhere in the world you may be. One of our extensively experienced and professional personal trainers will customize the perfect plan to achieve your health, wellness and fitness goals. Each plan is customized based on your fitness goals, medical conditions, physical limitations, schedule, exercise experience and the exercise equipment you have access to. There’s no cookie-cutter routine, no cookie-cutter plan. Each plan is 100% customized and designed just for YOU. Click here to learn more about common programs at SandWest Fitness Studio. To learn more about our fitness professionals, click here.

How it Works

A consultation with one of our fitness professionals is necessary to start the process. This allows us to learn more about you, your fitness goals, exercise experience, medical conditions, equipment available and your current nutritional regimen. The consultation also forms the basis of our strategic planning to outline and develop a safe and effective plan to achieve your health, wellness and fitness goals. On the Checkout Page, indicate how you’d like us to contact you and your preferred day and time. An email will be sent confirming the scheduled day, time and contact method of the consultation.

All our programs are designed based on your unique situation. Therefore, your detailed program will be emailed to you within seven days of the completed consultation. Each exercise will have a link detailing the proper form and execution of that exercise.

Online Personal Training Options

There are two online personal training options to choose from. Choose the one that fits your personality and your motivation to exercise. 

Option 1:

Silver package will work well for you if you are highly motivated to exercise on your own. With this option, you have the flexibility to exercise on your own and in your own time. Our fitness professionals will design your plan and email it to you for execution.  Your personal trainer will not be with you during your sessions, however, will support you with a weekly check-in and answer any question by email. You may also upload photos and videos while exercising to get feedback from your Certified Master Trainer. 

Option 2:

Gold package is the choice for you if your motivation is low, or you prefer to have your Certified Master Trainer with you throughout your entire routine. With this plan you will get the one-on-one attention of your personal trainer via video conferencing during each scheduled session. You’ll get your trainer’s guidance, motivation, feedback and answers to any questions you may have about exercise, fitness, wellness or nutrition.

See details of each option below: 


Program Design & Support

With this plan you have the flexibility to exercise in your own time and place, and without constant supervision.

This plan includes:

  • Customized and detailed exercise plan
  • Link to proper execution of each exercise
  • Nutritional guidelines to assist in achieving your goals
  • Initial consultation with your personal trainer 
  • Weekly check-in with your personal trainer
  • Email access to your personal trainer
  • Upload photos or videos doing exercises for your trainer’s feedback

1 Month


3 Months



6 Months


Choose duration in the following step.


1-On-1 Online Personal Training

A customized exercise plan with one-on-one guidance via video conferencing during each session. 

This plan includes Silver package PLUS:

  • One-On-One consultation with personal trainer via video conferencing
  • One-On-One personal training via video conferencing throughout every session
  • Guidance on proper exercise execution throughout every session
  • Nutritional consultation and guidelines 
  • Supplement recommendations
  • Telephone access to your personal trainer
  • Email access to your personal trainer

1 Month


3 Months



Choose duration in the following step.

Need more information about our Online Personal Training? Contact us with any question you may have about any of our services.

What our Clients Say

In the almost two years I have been a member I can say that Sandwest Fitness offers best in class personal training. So what really differentiates these guys from the rest? It is simply the instructors both of whom are very knowledgeable, passionate and professional in every aspect. They make every workout challenging and fun!!
O. Gregory
I have been a client of Sandwest Fitness Studio for the last 12 years and I am extremely satisfied with the level of service and professionalism provided by the SandWest team. They have kept me on the right track in terms of my health and fitness goals and have become like family to me. They know their stuff and I highly recommend them.
S. Usim
At Sandwest professionalism and service surpasses expectations. Fitness programs are tailored to meet individual needs and over time, fitness becomes a lifestyle. There are periodic evaluation of established fitness goals and adjustments are made immediately in order to meet fitness targets.
A. Bedward


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