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With our client-centered approach to health and fitness, SandWest Fitness Studio designs training and nutrition plans to suit any fitness goal. Client age, fitness level, medical and physical limitations, fitness goals and schedule are all considered in customizing the perfect fitness plan. Weight loss, senior fitness and controlling chronic illnesses are just a few of the programs we offer. However, we will customize a plan for any fitness goal. Common training goals at SandWest Fitness Studio include: 

Weight loss

Weight Loss

Our scientifically proven weight loss methods will reduce body fat while increasing lean tissue, energy level, metabolism and muscle tone. This makes the body into a more efficient fat burning machine, capable of losing fat quickly and keeping it off.

Senior fitness

Senior Fitness

Many of the negative effects of aging, such as poor posture, weak muscles, low bone mineral density and general aches and pains are brought on by lack of physical activity. Fortunately, regular physical activity has been shown to reverse or reduce some of the negative effects the aging process.

Our certified master trainers and fitness coaches will customize a safe and effective program to assist seniors in aging gracefully. Our programs will reduce the likelihood of developing osteopenia, osteoporosis and many other conditions, or assist in controlling them in seniors who already have these conditions.

Post-Rehab training

Post-Rehab Training

SandWest Fitness Studio will customize a safe and effective program for clients recovering from some surgeries or  musculoskeletal injuries. After discharge from your physiotherapist’s care, our post rehab training is designed in conjunction with their consultation and recommendations. Focus is placed on developing and maintaining muscular strength and endurance, cardiovascular fitness, flexibility, posture, balance and motor skills to get clients back to an active lifestyle.

General health, chronic conditions, fitness

General Health & Control Chronic Conditions

Our certified master trainers and fitness coaches will design a program to assist in controlling a number of chronic conditions, including:

  • Diabetes
  • Hypertension
  • High cholesterol
  • Arthritis

Benefits also include improved mood, increased energy, increased metabolism, improved posture, improved sleep, improved self esteem, reduced stress level and much more.



Once our clients have achieved an acceptable bodyfat percentage, a toning program may be designed. Our customized toning program increases the leanness of the physique and enhances the overall aesthetics of the body. Great emphasis is placed on a lean and defined physique while avoiding excessive muscle size or bulk. Substantial health benefits can also be derived from this program.  

Sport specific Training

Sport Specific Training

Our certified master trainers and specialist in strength and conditioning will design a program to maximize your athletic performance. Strength, speed, power, agility, flexibility, balance and endurance are addressed based on the demands of your sport and the individual position in that sport. An expertly prepared periodization program will assist with the adaptations necessary to strengthen weaknesses, enhance strengths, optimize athletic performance and reduce injuries. 

Weight Gain

Weight Gain

Whether your weight gain goals are sports related, to build muscle mass, to aid in recovery from illness, or simply aesthetic purposes, gaining healthy weight can be a daunting task. Our certified master trainers will design a program to increase overall weight while maintaining or reducing body fat levels. The result is a lean, healthy, well toned physique able to handle increased physical stress.

Whether your goal is weight loss, senior fitness, controlling chronic illnesses or any other fitness goal, we’ll customize the perfect plan for you. Any Age! Any Fitness Level!

What our Clients Say

SandWest is responsible in a big way to what my life is today. One year ago I had 2 strokes and today, thanks in a big part to SandWest personalized programs and personal trainers, I am almost back to my pre-strokes self. This is the best value for money I have gotten in my entire life.
M. Hylton
When my doctor recommended a fitness regimen about 2 years ago, SandWest was my choice. The service is personalised to suit my needs and I find Omar and Carlene to be very professional, knowledgeable and responsive. If you are serious about getting your body in shape, SandWest is the place to go.
E. Hewit
The best personal training in town. They helped me set goals and track my progress. I have surpassed my weight loss goals and I'm stronger than ever!
J. Walker


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